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A Look Forward

The Riddle Report 12 26 2020

Christmas is past and New Year’s is right around the corner. Confusion reigns as the country wants to know who won the 2020 Election. Although the media says it was Biden and call him President-Elect the results have yet to be verified and acted upon. It looks like we might not know until January 6th or even later.

All of this makes it hard to predict the future course of our nation. We can make some general predictions. For example, if President Trump gets reelected we can expect a rebounding economy that will shock the experts. Why? Because he did it before when he took a stagnant economy (Biden’s pride and joy) and transformed it into a booming economy. We can also expect Trump’s international successes to continue, again because he already has done much internationally. That includes Mideast peace moves.

On the other hand, if Biden/Harris (I use this designation because we don’t know how long Biden will last) are elected we can also make some general predictions. Although our economy is struggling due to uncertainty about the election and Covid-19 it is growing faster than economists have predicted. But assuming Biden/Harris follow through on their campaign promises, then the undergirding of our economy will be ripped away. We can expect fracking to be stopped, thereby once again making us dependent on OPEC. As they enact their Green New Deal we will see businesses once again leaving and probably never again returning to America. We can also expect unemployment, which is currently coming down slowly, to start rising again.

And of course, there is Biden’s health. How long would he be able to act as President? When will Harris push him out? We simply don’t know.

But all of that is conjecture. One thing we can be certain of is that when Harris becomes President she will be an activist President and lead us to disaster!

The truth is the election results are unknown. While there is plenty of evidence of election fraud, it must be examined, and determinations must be made before true results finally are known. So, we wait.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like waiting. This is particularly true when waiting on people. I try to be patient, but it doesn’t always work. Nor am I fond of waiting on God.

But while not fond of waiting on Him, I know He will act for my own good (Ro. 8:28). That makes waiting easier. So, in the case of the Steal, I am praying that He will act to prevent it and that we can have 4 more years of a government that at least honors His will.

But, folks, we have no guarantee of that. God sent the Israelites into judgment because they refused to worship and obey Him. This happened several times, and even now they are still under judgment. The day will come though when Israel will be back in His good graces.

America has slipped a lot since our founding fathers. Back then men and women worshipped, honored, and obeyed Him. He granted us victories we should not have won, protected General Washington more than once, and watched over our fledgling nation in the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, and many others. But like the Jews of the Bible we have turned from Him and may well be in the crosshairs of judgment.

So, what do we do?

Well, for me and my house (consisting of my wife and me), we will wait on the Lord. But not just for election results. We will pray, serve, and wait on Him.

We will Pray for:

  • Our own health
  • Others’ health
  • Our church
  • America

We will also continue to serve Him in:

  • Church
  • Business (writing & and helping others to write and be published)

In other words, while we have little control over the election, we still have control of how we live and serve God. While I believe a Biden/Harris Presidency will be bad for our country, I also believe that God is in charge. He may allow Biden/Harris to rule, but He always has the right and the power to overrule!

I recently heard a man preach that there will never be another worldwide revival of the Christian faith. He may be right, but the Bible tells us to pray for our nation, our rulers, missionaries, evangelists, and the furtherance of the Gospel. Our faith is proactive!

Pray for revival and then find out what God wants you to do.

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