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World of Joseph

By now anyone who follows me knows I have published a new novel titled World of Joseph. It is subtitled, Mentuhotep Vizier of Egypt.

It has been a busy time since I published it around 5:20 am on Thursday, the 12th. I almost forgot to do this blog. If you see a string of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ that means I fell asleep. Please don’t disturb me.

Writing the series The World That Was has been an exciting journey. The first book of the journey was Perished: The World That Was. Since then I have written and published World of Noah and the Ark, World of Shem, World of Abraham, World of Jacob, and now World of Joseph.

You may also note that this is the first time I have offered an eBook, Paperback, and hardcover. I hope to do more of the same with future books.

My next series is Moses, Friend of God. This will be divided into four books, Moses Prince of Egypt, Moses Exiled, Moses Deliverer, and Moses Wanderings. Each book will cover 40 years of his life. I am looking forward to it.

I am also planning a new series called The Truth About. This may at times be inspirational as well as informational, but will be nonfiction.

But right after the break I will talk more about the World of Joseph.

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Now back to the article.

I have mentioned this previously, but it is proper to mention it again. Until recent decades, Egyptian chronology was a mess. In writing previous books in the series, The World That Was, I had a tremendous amount of difficulty bringing Egyptian history into any semblance of agreement with known history.

Known history means history as reported in the Bible along with any secular history available. I could find reliable history of other nations, but the country of Egypt was an enigma.


If you know anything about Egypt, you know that the Nile River shaped their story. It is also one of the few rivers in the world that flows from the south to the north, which explains why the Egyptians called southern Egypt Upper and northern Egypt Lower. Southern Egypt would have been higher geographically, and the river flowed downward toward the north and emptied into the Mediterranean Sea.

Beginning with two brothers there were two dynasties established at the same time. One brother ruled Upper Egypt and the other brother ruled Lower Egypt. It wasn’t until the 12th Dynasty that the country was truly united into one Egypt. This union began under Pharaoh Amenemhet I, who founded the 12th Dynasty. Actually, the 11th Dynasty may have begun this, but it was Amenemhet I who accomplished it. His son, Sesostris I, was the Pharaoh under whom Mentuhotep served.

Not critical to the Bible, we don’t really know about this unification, nor about Joseph’s role other than the feeding of the people and centralizing of the government. So, you have a hint there, but it was until the chronology of Egypt was straightened out that such facts began to emerge.

One other interesting fact about Mentuhotep. In ancient Egypt the people worshipped the pharaohs and made statues of them. Part of the confusion in identifying Mentuhotep was the fact statues of him were found. This led researchers to believe he was a Pharaoh. But rather than showing his as a pharaoh, the statues were made because he was highly regarded and almost like a pharaoh to the Egyptian people. It fits right in with the Biblical account.

Egypt and Israel have had an interesting relationship over thousands of years going back to the ancient days when Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph lived. Sometimes the countries have been allies, sometimes enemies, but God has used Egypt and, if I read the Bible right, will use Egypt again. These days, Egypt and Israel while not friends, certainly are on good terms.

And don’t forget, when Jesus was a baby, his father and mother moved to Egypt to be protected from King Herod. A very interesting relationship, and the story of Joseph/Mentuhotep is part of that relationship.

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