Ron’s Tip of the Day Want to Write?

I Can’t Write
Ever said that? If you did, you probably used one of the following excuses:
I don’t know how
I can’t afford to get help
I’m broke
I don’t have time

How to Start Writing Career

I am currently developing a FREE Writing Course that will cover the business of writing, writing itself, websites, and publishing. Hope to have it available in near future. If you’re interested in the course just write me at my email address (below) and I’ll send a link once the course is ready.

The Writing Game

In the game of writing you control the game. You have little control over sales, but you have great control over the writing and publishing of your book. And there are ways and means of marketing your book available. If you have all the talent in the world and all the skills but never seize the opportunity you are guaranteeing failure. Permanent failure. On the other hand you have unlimited opportunity available to you every day!

Everyone Has A Story

You’ve probably heard the phrase “Everyone has a story” sometime in your lifetime. I believe this is true. Most people don’t realize it, aren’t interested in writing, or don’t know how. But all of us have life experiences that can be instructive or entertaining to the rest of us.

Keeping Your Writing Fresh!

How do you keep your book fresh?
It’s not as tough as you might think. Consider, if you will, your brain. God created your brain to function and accomplish much. The brain is able to multitask. Now, I’m not talking about your perceived abilities. You, or your mate, may laugh at the concept of you multitasking. But the brain has that potential.

When Writing Offends

we need to ask why most people read. It is to escape the reality of their lives, to imagine, to relax, and to be uplifted.