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Take a Survey

I know this is Memorial Day and I will discuss that in a moment, but first a word about my survey.

Normally I blog about some issue or item that is noteworthy to me and/or you. But today is Monday, actually Memorial Day, and I’d like to depart from my normal activity. At this critical juncture in my life I think it is important to get to know my readers. You’re very important to me. I don’t want to be talking to the wind, I want to be heard. That requires knowledge; my knowing your likes and dislikes. Only then can I be sure I am communicating with you.

Therefore, I would like to start this week off with a quick survey. To complete this survey just post your answer below. It’s an easy survey, but one I want to use. It has a simple goal: for you to share with me who you are.

In other words, I would like you to tell me about yourself. I learned a little about you when you first liked or followed me, but the information is not always complete and it changes. So what am I interested in? You, as a person. What do you like to read or do you read? You liked or followed my blog, Why?

In other words, I’d like to know the kind of man or woman you are, what your interests are, and what prompted you to either like or follow my blog. Do you like the content? Are there ways in which I can better communicate with you?

Are my answers private?

Yes! That’s the short answer. Let me state it another way, This survey is strictly for my own use. The information will not be sold, loaned, or given to anyone else. I respect your privacy and will guard your information as though it were my own. And you can believe me when I say that I want my privacy guarded as well. Some things I want people to know, and some things I want kept secret.

I offer you two ways of taking the survey.

  1. Posting your response below. This is the most common way that most people use. However, other followers can read your posts, so privacy is somewhat compromised.
  2. This second method is equally simple but more secure. Here you simply email me at You can give more in-depth answers and know that no one other than I will see your answers. When using the email method, please include in the subject line the word “Survey.”

Thank you for taking the survey. While it’s great having people follow me, I can better serve you and others through the use of the knowledge gained.

Memorial Day.

One last thing. As mentioned this is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance. This is a day for remembering those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I am a Vet, but I didn’t pay the ultimate price. But there are many men and women who did. Remember them and thank God for them.

And while death is considered the ultimate price, there is another price that is almost as horrific. Some may say it is worse than death. That is the men and women who are homeless or have lost a limb or more. These veterans desire your prayers. They went out whole and came back deeply hurt. Our hearts go out to  and for them.

And while you’re at it, thank God for His Son, who paid the ultimate price for our Eternal Freedom and Home in Heaven!

ARE YOU A BOOK REVIEWER? I am always looking for book reviews. Whether it is Perished The World That Was (Book One), World of Noah and the Ark (Book Two), World of Shem (Book Three), World of Abraham (Book Four) or Death Ship I value your reviews.

If you would like to review any of these books contact me at with the subject line indicating that desire. An example of an appropriate subject line would be: ‘Seek to review [book Title].’ In the email make sure to indicate your email address, your name, and the choice of copy (PDF or ePub).

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R Frederick Riddle is the author of several books and is best known for Christian Historical Fiction. For more information on him or his books visit his Amazon Authors Page. He is also co-founder and Vice President of T&R Independent Books where his books are featured. To reply to any blog you have the option of commenting on a blog and/or sending an email to You may also be interested in his Facebook page at RFrederickRiddlesWorld.

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