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The Impact of Research

Welcome to Friday. Every Friday I share information with you. Usually it is about writing, publishing, or marketing. Occasionally it is on other matters. This week it is about:The Impact of Research.

When writing it is always good to do research.

In today’s blog I want to show the importance of doing your diligence in researching background material. I am currently writing a new novel, World of Jacob, and another one, World of Joseph, is close behind. I will use these two novels to demonstrate why I am so adamant about doing research.

I have been writing since 2003, so I’ve gained some experience. I have found that the more research I do the better my writing becomes. In the case of these two novels I came across relatively new research that I believe finally settles the debate between differing views on the dates of the Jewish people being in Egypt. There are two schools of thought on the subject. Some people favor the ‘Early’ date and others the ‘Late’ date. Almost all of this is related to Jacob/Joseph’s entry into Egypt and the Exodus.

For some time, research has pointed to 1446 BC for the Exodus. There’s just too much evidence to seriously consider another date. The controversy has centered on when the Jews entered Egypt.

As I believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, I reject the ‘Late’ date scenario as it puts events contrary to a literal understanding of the Bible. But being a careful student, I examined the claims made anyhow.

So why is this important?

To answer that we need to understand the problem. Egyptian chronology can, at best, be described as a mess. Without bogging you down with a detailed history of Egypt, I’ll cover just a few important facts.

The previously accepted chronology was based upon a priest by the name of Manetho, who developed a history of the pharaohs. Traditional Egyptian Chronology is based on this history and has been considered indisputable until recently. As a result it has been used to attack and dismiss Bible Chronology.

Over time it has been seen that pharaohs did not rule chronologically. There is an Upper Egypt (south) and a Lower Egypt (north). These two regions or nations were ruled by their own pharaohs; a fact that complicates history. Why? Because they ruled at the same time and overlapped time frames. Manetho never expected his history to be considered chronological. He simply identified the pharaoh and their rule.

Since the beginning of the 21st Century evidence has grown that the Traditional Chronology was and is wrong and therefore unreliable. This demonstrates why, from a secular point of view, history needs to be looked at from the Bible view. Of course, that is anathema to many scholars.

But when experts take this view (using the Bible as the reliable source) the result has been enlightening. Answers in Genesis (AIG) has articles on this subject that are worth pursuing just for the scientific truths revealed. This study settles many of the ‘Early’ and ‘Late’ issues.

The answer to the question above is that Egypt’s history impacted the Jewish people and a correct view of Egypt and the Jewish history in the land is very revealing. As an author of novels based on history, it has been very important for me to get the correct background just so I can have names, dates, and events accurately depicted. Confusion over dates made that very difficult in my earliest books. In fact, I’m thinking of updating previous books to reflect the now more reliable information.

As for my two novels the debates that muddied the waters were centered on who the pharaoh was during Jacob’s time and who did the Egyptian history point to as Joseph. Based on my research I have identified the pharaoh as Sosestris I and that Joseph was the Vizier known as Mentuhotep. When you read the history you easily see why it is believed that Joseph and Mentuhotep are the same person.

The result for me as a writer is to make my stories more believable and understandable. Further, I believe a well-researched book is more enjoyable to read.

Is this the typical result of research?

For me it has been. My book Perished: The World That Was benefitted from research and the book World of Noah and the Ark benefitted particularly well. In that second book I was able to discover modern research into the ark’s possible construction and design! So, yes, it is very helpful as long as you are careful about the resources you use.

For anything dealing with the Bible you can’t go wrong with AIG. And there are other resources equally reliable.

Research even helps with Speculative Fiction.

Last year I started writing Speculative Fiction (my definition is it is Science Fiction minus the Little Green Men). In this case, I needed to research current and future scientific tools, weapons, spaceships, etc. It didn’t hurt that I am aware of Star Trek and Star Wars. You can get ideas from there as well.

But again, you need a foundation built with research. Some of that research will be based on current and future facts.

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