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the LORD hath set apart him that is godly

“…the LORD hath set apart him that is godly for himself, the LORD will hear when I call unto him.” Psalm 4:2

We have been looking at Scripture and applying it to us as writers, but today I will apply this passage to the whole person. Our Scripture today speaks to our hearts. How wonderful it is to know that God wants to fellowship with us!

This should be the goal of every Christian, namely to be set apart for Him. The goal is a wonderful goal but the means of attaining it are difficult. According to this verse we must be godly. I know that some Christians believe that once you are saved you never sin again. However, such a person has never been revealed outside of Christ Himself.  We are sinners, but our sins are covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Godliness is not natural for us. We must seek it, pray for it, and work to be holy.

Godliness is like humility. We pray for it and seek it, but the moment we think we have attained it we lose it. People who claim to be holy rarely are because they are exhibiting false pride.

One reason it is so difficult is that the closer we are drawn to Christ the more aware of our shortcomings we become. We discover a sin and deal with it. But when that occurs we discover that there are additional sins. From our perspective it can be frustrating, but from God’s perspective He is pruning us like a woman prunes a plant. He is making us more and more like Him. This is a lifelong process that doesn’t end until we die or are raptured (rapture is the English translation of a Latin word that is a translation of the Greek words ‘caught up.’)

One of the characteristics of a Christian is the desire to be holy. God not only gave us that desire when we were born again but He has commanded us to be holy (Be ye holy for I am holy (I Peter 1:16). So we know it is possible to attain it, but we will have to leave to others and especially to God to decide when we have attained it.

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