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The Persecuted Church Part 3

I’ve been writing about the persecuted church. Today I continue with Part 3.

It is hard for us in America to visualize true persecution. We see it in other countries but here in America it is still somewhat hidden. Here it is more sophisticated, less obvious. But it is growing.

The anti-Christian movement has reached our colleges.

That’s right. In the very place we expect open discussions and tolerance the opposite occurs where Christianity is involved. Christians are ridiculed, ignored, and/or punished. Belief in the Bible is equated with ignorance even though many of these colleges were started by Christians. Christian beliefs and behavior is frowned up.

The world, even here in America, has decided their morality is higher than God’s. They have turned things upside down. Where once life was valued, abortion (the taking of an innocent life) is considered a woman’s right. Where once freedom of expression was upheld, Christians are losing the right to practice their faith. Where once we were taught in our schools that God was our Creator and Savior, He is now persona non-gratis.

Immorality is not only on the rise, it is lauded as morality. Homosexuality is the new right not found in any religious text, but praised by men and women around the globe. Disrespect for the American flag is growing; the flag is fast becoming just a thing of the past rather than the representation of men and women of whatever color fighting for our nation and paying with their blood.

Our schools today are unsafe. Because of guns? That’s ridiculous! Our nation grew up with guns. The problem isn’t guns in our schools; the problem is God and His Bible has been kicked out. Do a little digging and you will see that about the time God was kicked out the violence began.

If you really want to stop violence in the workplace, in the schools, and in the home, you need to invite God back into your lives.

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