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The Persecuted Church

Christians are being persecuted around the world. Even here in America we are seeing forms of persecution. The media, some government bodies, and colleges are now taking an anti-Christian view.

In this first blog about the Persecuted Church I am taking a look at America, so-called Christian America. We now live in a country where believing in the fundamental truths of the Bible is ridiculed and punished.

Recently I read a column by Kathleen Parker. Now, to be honest, the two of us would probably disagree on a lot of things since we apparently have two different worldviews. But I found her article interesting and well written. The article concerned the religious liberty battle raging between the city of Philadelphia and the Catholic Social Services. This battle also included the Bethany Christian Services.

Both of the services turned away an openly gay couple from adopting a child. Why? Because both organizations had religious objections based on their understanding of the Bible. Protected by the constitution, right? Apparently not. Shortly afterward the city’s Department of Human Services “suspended foster care intake with both Bethany and CSS.”

Now Parker and I would differ on our view of gays, but we agree on religious liberty. But the real point of bringing this up is that attacking people for their Biblical stand is becoming all too common. The article itself referred to the forcing of devout bakers to create wedding cakes for gay marriages. This is a sad time for a country that is still identified as Christian.

But may I take it further? Not only are Christian values being stomped upon, but cults and other religions are getting preferential treatment. We frequently hear of Dearborn, Michigan, not far from where I once lived, being run as a Moslem city. Is it true? I haven’t been there in decades, so I don’t know. But if true, it is contrary to our constitution and, for that matter, to our history. But Dearborn is just one example. How about our military where a small group of atheists had forced the military to turn against the very men and women who served, some as chaplains?

Fortunately, the election of Trump has at least slowed down the secularization of America, but it will take a revival to stop it cold and reverse it. But will Christians take a stand; will Christians be revived; and to the point, will America return to its Biblical roots and both honor and worship the one true God?

Some people say no, it’s too late for America. But when I read the Bible, especially the Old Testament, I find examples where God revived His people when all seemed lost. I believe He can still do it, He is all-powerful, but we Christians need to fervently pray for revival. And while praying take a close look at our own lives.

Is the church persecuted in America? Not like in other countries, but it has started.

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