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The Riddle Report

The Riddle Report 02 01 2021

News Item #1

President Biden has called himself a Unity President. He touts his experience in the Senate as evidence that he can bring unity to the table. Let’s accept that definition and history of The Unity President, and considers what that suggests.

First of all, he means he will be a better President than Obama and will be carrying on the tradition of President Trump. The fact is that what Trump accomplished legislatively was through working with both parties. On the other hand, President Obama excluded the Republicans from participation.

Right from the start we have Biden discovering that being a President of a unified government is going to be difficult. There are huge pressures on him from the far Left that want ‘instant’ gratification. They don’t care about the economic risks. In their childish dreams they are willing to cause massive unemployment and a devastated economy worse than we now have to bring about their far Left dreams. Biden doesn’t necessarily embrace those same dreams, but they are his core support.

He wants to pull a Clinton who at the beginning of his second term moved toward the center. The problem is that there is not much of a center for him to move toward. It is hard to imagine a man who apparently has dementia problems being strong enough to move the dialog a notch or two to the right. But if he can’t do that, there is no unity.

Already we are seeing the Left wanting to shut the Republicans out of the picture. And while there are Democrats and Republicans willing to work together, they are few in number. Can you imagine relying upon Mitt Romney for political success? I just don’t see President Biden accomplishing this, but for our nation’s sake I wish him well.

News Item #2

The goal of being a unity President is a good goal. If President Biden is able to bring the two sides together, what can we expect?

For one thing, the New Green Deal would be moved to the back burner. It is too radical. If that gets passed within the first 100 days, then unity is gone. You are not going to find very many fiscally responsible conservatives willing to sell America’s future for what amounts to a pipe dream.

Another thing that we should see is the President putting the kibosh on the movement to expand the Supreme Court so as to make it nothing more than a rubber stamp for the Left. It would cripple our justice system and, in effect, do away with the Constitutional structure of our government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) and replace it with only an Executive and Legislative government.

News Item #3

Stimulus package. The package put together by the Moderates (Democrats and Republicans) does restrict the stimulus money to the lower income more so than the original. That is good. But does it also remove helping states that got in trouble because of their own mishandling of states budgets? And, what about the excessive funds going to other countries? Shouldn’t Americans come first?

Bailing out state governments to cover their own irresponsibility does not seem like a good use of taxpayer money. To bail out state government would only be a bandage that would have to later be replaced with a bigger bandage as the irresponsibility continues.

News Item #4

President Biden has his hands full. So far, his actions have not matched his words. It is a sad day in America when the President caves into party politics, but that is what appears to be happening. And such a cave-in signals that President Biden is going to be a weak President rather than a unifying President. I hope I am wrong, but that is what I see.

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