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The World That Was: Methuselah

We have been looking at how I wrote The World That Was series. Today I will take a look at character development as it relates to Methuselah.

We know very little about Methuselah other than he was the grandfather of Noah and he was the oldest person who ever lived. After that our knowledge takes a nosedive.

While this creates a challenge it also opens wide an opportunity. Developing Methuselah was challenging, yes. But I was able to create his character almost from scratch.

Since I believe that God gave him long life for a reason and his life coincided with the building of the Ark, I imagined him as having a major role. In addition, I thought of him as a leader both in war and in ruling.

In those days there was no government as we know it. That didn’t happen until after the Flood. But man always seeks to rule others. So it was easy to see him as a general and, perhaps later, as a ruler. If a ruler he would have ruled by decree. There would have been no laws, no courts, and no prisons.

With these assumptions in mind I was able to create the character of Methuselah as a man who loved God, who rose to be a general and a great ruler. Because he loved God he became involved financially in support of the building of the Ark.

While much of his life is fictional in the book, it is also believable. And that is what we strive for: a character bigger than life who is believable. Such a character adds to the overall impact of the story.

This is another example of using imagination. Imagination is something we emphasize in Authors Academy. While having an imagination is something you have or don’t (and if you don’t you are in the wrong business), we can give you principles for employing it.

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