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TR Bookstore Now Open!

TR Bookstore now open

The Riddle Report 04 13 2021

I recently blogged about our bookstore opening soon. Well, it is now open. It is more of a Soft Opening with the Grand Opening scheduled for May 3, 2021. We are using the Soft Opening to allow for testing, so if you come to our store now you will be part of the testing. I did some testing already and it appears that everything is working fine.

So, come on in and check us out.

#1 – PayPal

In my blog showing the steps in building a bookstore, I mentioned PayPal. I have tested this from my computer, but not from someone else’s computer yet. It looks good and working, so there should not be any problems. So, if you are curious and want to try out our new system, then go ahead.

#2 – Website

The best way to find us is just typing in If that doesn’t work try htpps://

A direct link to our bookstore is: which will take you to our store’s TR Bookstore page.

#3 – Tour

I have prepared a video that will give you an idea of our store. Scroll down and you will see our products or you can click on a category (genre) and go to those books. We have tried to make your journey as easy as possible, so enjoy and look around.

#4 – Appearance

One of the things I, as the programmer, am interested in is your view of the store. Is it easy to navigate? How do the pictures display on your computer? Are you comfortable and can you find everything easily?

I would appreciate your comments.

#5 –Products

Our products are displayed in a manner that would enable you to see all that we have in an easily discerned format. Again, we are interested in feedback from you, so take a moment and tell us what you think. Don’t worry about my feelings; I will cry and then get over it.

#6 – Product Pictures

I have included pictures of our books plus links to Amazon and to our cart. Any comments are welcome, but I really prefer words like “Wow”, “Great”, and so forth.

#7 – Cart

We have provided a PayPal cart that enables you to buy one or more books at one time. You will notice that tax is charged as that is what the state of Florida wants. The rate is 7% (6% state and 1% county).

#8 – Testing

As mentioned before, we are in a testing mode. If you have any problems whatsoever, we want to hear from you! Hopefully you won’t find anything wrong. But if you do, we’ll be most appreciative.

#9 – Grand Opening

The Grand Opening is scheduled for May 3, 2021. That is not very far away and we are excited. We hope you like it well enough to tell your friends and anyone else who likes to read.

#10 – Directions

I like to say that we are located on Internet Hwy at When people come there, they will find our bookstore and our writing services where we edit, proof, and publish the book within.

TR Bookstore provides a clean, virus free environment. We don’t require masks or social distancing, but you may practice either or both if you like. But whatever else you do, enjoy yourself while you explore the store.

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