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Co-Founder & Vice President

R. Frederick Riddle is the co-founder and Vice President of TR Independent Books. In 2014 he and his wife (Tess Riddle) launched TR Independent Books with the purpose of publishing their own books. Since then they have launched a Subsidiary TR Writing Services to help others write and get published.

R. Frederick has been writing since 2003. His books include the World That Was series which launched his career. He his still adding to this classic collection. They now include Perished: the world that was, World of Noah and the Ark, World of Shem, and World of Abraham. He is currently working on World of Jacob, with World of Joseph waiting in the wings.

In addition, he has begun a Speculative Fiction series called Christland which takes place in the 22nd Century. This series includes Death Ship to the Stars, A New Home, Task Force Hunter, Black Death, and Rise of I.C.I.S. He is currently working on Battle at Proxima Centauri.

As Vice President of the company, he is dedicated to the concept of providing good Christian reading material for the public. His books reflect his Christian worldview and in his knowledge of the Bible. His World That Was novels are based on the Book of Genesis and bring to life the characters and events found in that foundational book.

R. Frederick is not only the Vice President of T&R Independent Books and an author, he is also Editor of the recently started TR Writing Services. His own personal experiences when first trying to become an author led him and his wife to begin TR Writing Services with the express purpose of helping new, struggling, and established authors with an affordable service whose motto is: we edit, proof, and publish the book within you.”

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