Periodically we will add links that we believe will be helpful to your careers. Although we research them per our criteria, we cannot guarantee how helpful they will be. These are here for your use; we recommend you check them out to see if indeed they will be beneficial to your career.

Amazon Central – Requires an Amazon account. You can identify your published books, follow reports, and more.

Copperfish Bookstore – An independent bookstore in Punta Gorda, Florida worth checking out.

Godaddy – This is one of the better domain hosts. You can purchase your domain here and get it hosted. I have used their hosting in the past but now use WordPress, which I personally prefer. Godaddy remains a powerhouse in my opinion. Choose your hosting according to your needs.

Goodreads – This is a community of authors. You can list your books, sell through Goodreads, build libraries, and more.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) – This Amazon owned business enables just about anyone to publish their book. TR Writing Service uses KDP to help unpublished authors get their books published. TR Writing Services is not affiliated with KDP but does recommend its services to any person seeking to get publish.

Midwest Book Awards – This organization has annual book awards and gives you the opportunity to win an award and ‘seals’ for marketing purposes.

Poets & Writers – Excellent resource for finding agents, contests, other authors, and more.

Quick Sprout How to Start a Blog – Excellent resource on blogging. This first one is all about getting started then it leads to subsequent articles.

SCORE – A non-profit organization that teaches through workshops and mentors men and women who want to start a business or want to build a successful business.

WordPress – I have used WordPress for my blog for some time and had in the past used it for a website. I have come back to this powerhouse because I like having my blog and website under one roof, plus I prefer their hosting software.

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