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It is said that everyone has a book within them. We believe you have a book that you want to write. But how?

We are here to help you by providing a writing you can use, by providing the opportunity and platform for you to write, by preparing your book to be published, and by publishing it.

You have a desire that we take seriously.

Email us your manuscript ( Let us review the book and see what plan best fits you.

Once you’ve committed to a plan, we’ll work with you to smooth out the rough edges and turn it into your own masterpiece! Believe me, there is nothing like holding your own book, with your name as author emblazoned upon it, in your hands!

What do we do?

We check the grammar, the spelling, the clarity, and other issues. Yet we are not dogmatic about following academic rules. We want YOU to shine through!

We also set up your own Kindle Direct Publishing account (unless you already have one). In addition, we guide you step by step in setting up your book. We’ll help you with the Book Cover which must meet KDP standards. (You may hire an outside book cover professional but make sure he or she is familiar with KDP criteria, otherwise it gets difficult.)

As your editor I can say with complete transparency that I have experienced ‘writer’s block’; I’ve experienced rejection by an agent I truly wanted; and I’ve experienced lack of money to get the help I needed. I had to go ‘old school’ and learn the do’s and don’t’s the hard way. I got as much free information that I could, which when combined often helped. Although sometimes it left me more confused.

That is why TR Writing Services was started. Our goal is simply to enable you to produce your own book without having to go through the same trials and tribulations that I’ve gone through. Every client I take on will get my very best knowledge and efforts for a very affordable price (see Affordability).

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