How to Save With Low-Cost Plans

Our low-cost plans are designed with you in mind. Find the one perfect for you.

PLATINUM ($390) – up to 120,000 words w/eBook

GOLD PLAN ($295) – up to 90,000 words

SILVER PLAN ($195) – up to 75,000 words

BRONZE PLAN ($145) – up to 50,000 words

BASIC-30 PLAN ($95) – up to 30,000 words

Note: Our plans get you Print Ready; and when it is a ready and you are ready, we publish it. That is our commitment to you.

Can’t decide which plan is right? TR Writing Services stand ready to serve you.

Email us and we will work with you to find the right plan for you. It may be that instead of the Silver Plan, the Bronze Plan is better suited for your manuscript.

Are you on a tight budget? Our Basic-30 Plan is designed for you. For only $95 you get quality feedback, editing, proofing, and publishing! Talk to us about how it will work for you.

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