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If you are looking for an affordable writing service that will enable you to write a quality book and get it published, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us and request our free Writing Service Booklet for how you can get affordable help in writing, publishing, and marketing.

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We offer affordable proofreading and more.
50,000 words or less is the Bronze Plan
75,000 words or less is the Silver Plan
95,000 words or less is the Gold Plan
120,000 words or less is the Platinum Plan

Custom 120 – This is for documents less than 120 pages. This plan leaves the printing up to you. However, we will work with you to find a printer within your own community.

Custom 150 – Similar to the Custom 120 but goes up to 150 pages. This plan leaves the printing up to you. However, we will work with you to find a printer within your own community.

Get Free Booklet by contacting us at:

Our plans range from $145 (Bronze) to $390 (Platinum). We put our prices up front so that you know we mean business about Affordable plans!

What do we do?

We help you from scratch. We’ll work with you to achieve your best writing and get ready to be published. But that’s not all! If you want to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) then we will guide you step by step!

TR Writing Services is designed with you in mind. I’ve been where you are. I couldn’t afford the steep prices and had to ‘go it alone’. But you don’t have to!

As the years have passed I’ve noticed the high cost of help remains. Some services advertise a word by word cost. For example, they may charge $0.005 per word. That sounds great until you do the math. A book of 50,000 words would cost $250 just for the proofing! We at TR Writing Services charge only $0.002 per word meaning the same book would cost $100 for the proofing, a saving of $150.

The above prices only reference proofreading/editing services. But many writing services charge for many other items. TR Writing Service is meant to help the entry level writer or even an established writer who still wants the services we provide at a more affordable price.

We also provide your own Web Page with a link or links to your page(s), which can be used in your marketing efforts. All sales and deliveries will be handled by Amazon.

I recommend you get our FREE TR Writing Services booklet. Ask for that and we will not only send the booklet but we’ll also send you our FREE TR Guide to Writing.

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