The Bronze plan is a low cost plan for books of 50,000 words or less enabling the author to get published with minimum cost. Many features are free.

Grammar and Spelling – This service provides MS Word grammar and spelling checks and edits. This tool enables a very thorough examination of your document so that its final product is free of these errors. Such corrections sometimes result in the need to lengthen/shorten text so that First Page always occurs on an odd page. Editor will work with author on such corrections.

Basic Layout – Refers to the creation and structure of Margins, Headers, Footers, and Paging. This is done in accordance with KDP standards.

Copyright – Involves putting the Copyright symbol on the book as in Copyright © 2019 Joan Doe. Here you have the word Copyright, the symbol ©, the Year of Copyright, and the author’s name. For most authors this is all that is needed.

ISBN – Stands for International Standard Book Number. Every book published must have an ISBN, which enables tracking and identification. The ISBN is free if it is the KDP only ISBN, however you may separately purchase an ISBN from a Third Party and upload it. This is true with all plans.

Dedication – Not required, but is included in the Front Matter. Usually only a one page dedication to anything or anyone the author wants.

TOC – Table of Contents. Depending on structure of book this includes the chapter number, chapter name, and page number of First Page for a Print Book. An eBook will have the page numbers replaced with hyperlinks.

Front Matter – This includes the Copyright, ISBN, Dedication, and TOC.

Biography Page – This is not required but it is recommended. It helps acquaint the reader to the author. Also a picture of the author is recommended but not required. The Biography Page is part of the Back Matter.

Back Matter -Follows after the content (story). It can include the Biography Page, Other Books by Author (if any), and Advertising (if desired).

The Bronze Plan costs only $200. Some features (i.e., Ebook) listed for other plans can be purchased to go with Bronze Plan which would raise the cost. Contact TR Writing Services to check out your options.

Pricing – Prior to publishing KDP provides the opportunity to set your price and your royalties. This is an important step.

Submissions – The plan calls for up to 3 submissions for publishing . This is not impacted by attempts to upload pictures and/or manuscripts. These submissions relate to the finished product being published. After the book is published, the author can submit up to 3 revised books within a 30 day period beginning with published date. After that there may be a fee.