Ebook Service is an additional $600

The Platinum Plan is the only plan with the e-book Service included. If the author plans to have an e-book then e-book Service is a must. It’s cost is added to the Plan cost. For example, if you are using the Bronze Plan then the total cost would be $200 + $600, which would be $800.

The e-book Service includes everything that your Plan has plus anything having to do with e-books themselves. These e-books look different. There is a front cover but no back cover .

Pricing – Pricing of e-books is substantially different than Print books. The recommended price is between $2.99 and $3.99, but you can price it anywhere. Generally e-books are priced between $.99 and $9.99. However, you can also make them Free for certain days or permanently (for further information see Select).

Select Program

This is an additional e-book Service offered for $50. There is additional income available through the Select program. (Optional)

Benefits are you can offer 5 free or discounted days during the 90 day program. It also enables you to participate in other e-book only sales programs, all of which are geared to give you expanded visibility and increased sales.

Originally the e-book Service and Select Program were offered together with the Gold Plan. But since e-books are a desirable addition for most books we recommend you pay the additional $650. This will give you both a Print and an e-book version which maximizes your potential.

In the above example you would have the Bronze Plan plus the e-book Service Plus the Select Program for $200 + $600 + $50 for a total of $850.