Service Description Cost
Proofing , Basic [Bronze] This includes checking grammar, spelling, and punctuation of the manuscript. Basic Proof involves random grammar, spelling, and punctuation as described below in TR Service Plans. Silver and above plans are Standard Proof in which per page checks and corrections occur. Proofing/Editing is based on $.002 x max of 50,000 words.       $100 
Proofing, Full [Silver, Gold, Platinum]     This means that every page of the finished book will be checked for proper grammar usage, spelling, and punctuation. This may require interaction between author and TR Writing Services to assure that author’s meaning and intent is kept intact. Note: if grammar is enclosed in “quotes” then bad grammar is considered acceptable. The maximum words are 75,000 for Silver, 95,000 for Gold, and 120,000 for Platinum. From $150 to $240
Layout Includes Margins, Headers, Footers, and Paging . The plans have different pricing schedules which accounts for the range in prices. $25/$35 or eBook Svc
Layout, Expanded This is part of the eBook Service since the layout of eBooks is different. For example eBooks require no headers or footers and different margins. This may require extra work so it is included in the eBook service and is exclusively eBook.   [included in eBook]
Hyperlinks Hyperlinks are only available in eBooks. These are links to take the reader to specific sites within the internet such as a website or even for the reader to send an email to the author. Free, included in eBook Service
Front Matter The Front Matter exists between the cover and the content. It includes such things as the Copyright, ISBN, Dedication Page, and TOC. It can also include additional items that the author desires.   See below
ISBN KDP provides a free ISBN which is part of all our packages. You can also purchase from a third party an ISBN or possibly through KDP for a fee.   Varies  
Plus This covers anything wanted in the Front Matter not shown as part of the Front Matter. For example, the author may desire to include a map, a poem, or some other item that enhances their story.  Only available in Gold and Platinum Plans. $25
TOC Table of Contents $25
Back Matter Back Matter exists between the content and the back cover. It includes Biography, author picture, list of other books by author, etc. Free
Kindle [Basic] This includes the Account setup (if it is needed), uploading of the manuscript, selecting a Gallery Cover for the book, the Publishing of the book, and actions not charged. Free
Upload Cover This is available for plans Bronze thru Gold. Covers must meet KDP standards and therefore requires more work to upload successfully. $25
eBook Service This service is also called the Platinum plan since it covers virtually all the other services. It is a plan that incorporates both Print and eBook. If you desire to have both a Print and eBook then this is what you need.   $600
Select Program Involves entering Select and related programs for eBooks sales and royalties. Not required for eBooks but recommended as this will provide additional income for the author.     $50