The Platinum Plan (for books of 120,000 words or less) is our top of the line plan. It includes all the previous plans plus:

Expanded e-book Layout – The layout of an e-book is different than for a Print book. There are no headers, footers, or pages. Margins may be different. As a result TR Services would be preparing both a Print and an e-book Layout.

Hyperlinks – Both in the TOC and within the eBook there are allowed hyperlinks. These may have to meet KDP standards. The e-books are the only place hyperlinks are allowed.

ISBN – With the Platinum Plan you can get the KDP provided “free” ISBN or purchase an ISBN elsewhere and use it. This may require a fee in addition to the purchase price. It may also have restrictions. You will also have the option for a Special ISBN.

Submissions – The plan calls for up to 10 submissions. This is not impacted by attempts to upload pictures and/or manuscripts. These submissions relate to the finished product being published. After the book is published, the author can submit up to 10 revised books within a 30 day period beginning with published date.