The Silver Plan (for books of 75,000 words or less) builds upon the Bronze Plan as follows:

Grammar – Uses a Full Grammar check. This means that every page of the finished book will be checked for proper grammar usage. This may require interaction between author and TR Writing Services to assure that author’s meaning and intent is kept intact. Note: if grammar is enclosed in “quotes” (indicating person talking) then bad grammar is considered acceptable. However, you don’t want your character to speak one way and later another way unless as a result of growth. We check for that.

Spelling – Like in grammar, a Full Spelling check for the entire book will be enacted with the finished book. When more than one way of spelling a word is allowed we strive for consistency.

Submissions – The plan calls for up to 7 submissions. This is not impacted by attempts to upload pictures and/or manuscripts. These submissions relate to the finished product being published. After the book is published, the author can submit up to 7 revised books within a 30 day period beginning with published date. After that there may be a fee.