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Trade War with China

Today’s Issue: Trade War with China

Monday’s I try to focus on issues. The media seems to be upset that we might have a trade war with China. They give reasons that sound right, but upon investigation we find:

  1. We export only $130 billion of goods and services
  2. We import $505 billion of goods and services

Do the math. A Trade War will end in our (America’s) favor.

Commentator Dick Morris points out this is tantamount to a subsidy for China, which is a potential enemy and right now a competitor. I agree. China is a country that only moves when it is in their best interests.

What does that mean?

It means that they have to be incentivized to lower tariffs and lessen restrictions on American products. Sticking with Trump on this should be a no-brainer, but the media is so anti-Trump that they are blind to anything good he does! And this would be good.

What about the stock market?

The thing to remember about the stock market is that it is made up of people who are concerned with profits. They get jittery about just about everything. And it is not a reflection of today’s world but of a possible economic truth 6 months or more into the future. A future that is constantly changing.

So why all the panic?

I think it is another example of agenda over facts. The media is always looking for some way to put down President Trump. Just like they place the blame on Trump for alien children being separated from their parents even though it is illegal to incarcerate children along with their parents.  The blame really belongs on previous administrations who allowed this immigration mess to grow and upon the parents who smuggle the children into our country. (Their actions are understandable but cannot be tolerated.)

In the same manner the media will twist the facts to make it look like a trade war with China is a bad thing. Sometimes taking medicine has bad side effects but it is necessary for your health. A trade war with China will cause some discomfort but in the end American manufacturers and employers will be better off. Which means the average American will be better off.

So what should we do?

Wait it out. At the least we have a President who is working on our behalf. You have to go all the way back to President Reagan to find that kind of leadership.

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