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The Riddle Report 11 24 2020

The GSA has caved and declared Biden/Harris the “apparent winner.” A rather questionable statement, but I will let it stand though the 2020 Election recounts have yet to be adjudicated.

What bothers me is that we will be releasing to them sensitive information even though the process is still ongoing. There won’t be an official winner until at least December 12-14. It is possible the battle could go longer and delay everything. We still don’t have a President-Elect except be media.

So, now we have what is called Transition. President Trump has said they will cooperate. I hope this doesn’t include top secret information. When (and if) Biden/Harris is declared the winner, then you can go all out and share vital information. But until a government agency declares the winner, I think it is dangerous to share vital information.

This is going to be interesting. Biden/Harris will be transitioning for an office they may never occupy while lawsuits make their way up the judicial chain of courts until it reaches the Supreme Court. It still looks like things are going as expected, which means we have to continue to listen to the bias and politics of fear coming from the Press and politicians.

At least Biden, half of the Biden/Harris team, is trying to look Presidential. If he eventually wins election, we still won’t know how long he will occupy the White House. It could be a week, a month, a couple of quarters, a year, or even a full term. I guess that will be up to Pelosi and Harris.

Perhaps we Americans need to transition as well. We don’t have access to the evidence of fraud, nor do we have the ability to discern what is going to happen. If the situation goes to the Supreme Court it looks like a fair hearing will take place; and if so, then it is likely President Trump will get re-elected.

But what if Biden/Harris actually win? What do we do?

We will need to tighten our belts. I cannot fathom industries that originally left the country because of Obama policies and then came back under Trump will stay here under Biden/Harris. And if I am right that they will pack up and leave our fledgling economic success will come to a close, and we will sink to third world status.

So, for us, transitioning will include tightening our belts and preparing for hard times. It may mean small businesses closing permanently. It almost certainly would mean a return to the pre-Trump era of economic malaise. We will undoubtedly once again hear Biden claim he has restored jobs (only low paying jobs according to history). He might even quote Obama and tell us the high paying jobs will never come back.

That could be the trigger for the 25th Amendment and Vice President Harris would move into the Oval Office! She would be able to claim that Biden didn’t do enough and that he is senile. Then she would take America further to the Left.

On a more positive note, the evidence that the Trump Team is gathering appears to be massive. The media calls it baseless because that is what they want Americans to believe. But now the cases will start working their way up the court system. Evidence will be entered, thoroughly examined, and, probably, exposed to the light of day.

Remember, that when they were going after Trump to impeach him the Press continuously assailed him. But when it finally got to the national level and was examined in the House of Representatives the Impeachment began falling apart before the House ever sent the Impeachment to the Senate. Although the Press tried to ignore the facts, the real facts began coming out and the American people saw it for what it was – a political attack without any basis in facts!

This time the drama will take place in Federal Courts and probably in the Supreme Court. And once it gets there the evidence will be looked at seriously. And the Biden/Harris Transition will most likely come to a close. But I have to admit that this whole process is discouraging.

The constant attack by the media is designed to wear us out. We have to stay calm and stay faithful. Those of us who are called Christians must pray seeking God’s mercy for our nation. It is possible He will allow what we deserve, a President Biden/Harris. But He might also give us one more chance to get things right.


R Frederick Riddle is the Editor of TR Writing Services providing help to struggling and/or new authors to write and publish their books. He is also an author of Historical, Speculative, and Mystery fiction, plus co-founder and Vice President of T&R Independent Books. To reply to any blog you can comment on a blog and/or send an email to His Facebook page is at RFrederickRiddlesWorld.

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