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Trump’s Diplomacy

Today’s Issue: Trump’s Diplomacy
Monday’s I try to focus on issues. This week I am taking a look at Trump’s Diplomacy.
You can hardly watch a newscast or read a newspaper without getting negative coverage of President Trump’s diplomatic endeavors. According to them there is no plan, that he simply shoots from the hip without thought. But let’s take a look at some of his diplomatic efforts during his presidency.

  1. He berated, threatened the EU about the fact they weren’t carrying their fair cost of supporting NATO. He was roundly chastised by the media and by politicians, including members of his own party. Result: EU countries agreed to increase their support with the goal of 2% of their GDP.
  2. He berated, threatened EU this year insisting they not only meet their 2% goal but seek to achieve a more equitable 4%. He was roundly criticized by the media and politicians, including some Republicans, for causing a break with our allies. Result: Some EU members have agreed to raise their goal to 4% of GDP while others are considering it.
  3. He threatened and even instigated first moves toward a trade war because of the uneven playing field American businesses faced. He was roundly rebuked by media and politicians, some from his own party, for starting a trade war that would hurt Americans. Result: The President of EU came to America and essentially caved with a proposed agreement that extends Common Market (ancestor of EU) zero tariffs on everything except autos (and that may come soon).
  4. He met with Putin in Helsinki amidst rancor and bitterness. The unproven charges of interference with the U.S. election was the media’s main focus. They rebuked Trump, along with politicians from both parties, for seeming to accept Putin’s denial. Whether the Russians did or not is irrelevant. They would have done so on behalf of Hillary not Trump. Result: Trump and Putin met and dialed back the teetering relations between the two countries. Possible more meetings in the future.
  5. He met with and played hardball with the Chinese. Alarm spread throughout the media and was expressed by politicians, including Republicans, that he was starting a trade war with China. Result: This is ongoing, but consider that a trade war would hurt China more than the United States.

Donald Trump is a hardnosed negotiator with perhaps a streak of a gambler. He sizes up his opponent, attacks demanding more than he expects to achieve and then gets what he really wants. I’ve never read his book The Art of the Deal, but I wouldn’t be surprised if such a strategy was explained. Of course, sizing up your opponent requires information and the ability to process that information intuitively, an ability President Trump has shown.
His underlying theme during the campaign was “America First” and that still is his theme, to make America Great Again by putting America First! Which liberals don’t really want and they don’t really understand. They especially don’t understand his strategy to achieve his promises. In fact, they don’t understand the idea of a politician actually keeping his promises.
Which brings up a rather funny thing. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the Letters to the Editor claiming he broke another promise. And every time he either never made the promise he supposedly failed to keep or he tried to keep a promise that was blocked by Congress (think Democrats and a few recalcitrant Republicans). Of course Democrats have embarked on a suicide course because they don’t understand how Clinton lost the election. The truth is they backed a loser. (By the way, latest report is that Trump won both electoral and popular votes.)
I’m convinced that the liberal establishment so hates Trump, perhaps because he doesn’t play by their rules, that they purposely don’t even try to understand him. They don’t understand his populism and like I said are still upset over the election.
But one thing is clear: whether his methods and strategies are understood or not, President Trump’s diplomacy works!
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