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Truth on Trump

09 28 2020

Welcome to News which is published every Monday and Friday.

Today’s news regards President Trump’s accomplishments and the facts regarding him, his administration, Covid-19, the economy, and more. If you didn’t watch the video please do so, it gives an overall view.

Soon the first debate will take place. I have no qualms about Trump vs. Biden but hiding in the reeds are network ‘bobbleheads’ and so-called factcheckers that will attempt to discredit anything the President says. Not that Trump will be clobbered, after all he did survive 2016 and won the presidency.

But the NeverTrumpers are not above using lies and distortions to discredit the President. That means that all of us have to be alert to the truth, which is one of the reasons I wrote Trump an Outsider’s View. Although conservative and a Trump supporter I have done my best to present the facts and let the reader decide what is truth and what is not.

There is an argument out there that this is not the most important election. I’ve read it and don’t buy into their argument. This election is critical because most of the gains that President Trump has achieved for our country are by decree. The next President can override them.

What Does That Mean?

It means that the next president can issue his own decrees which would supersede whatever President Trump has done. That covers a lot of ground including our economy, the wall, immigration, and more.

Are there other reasons it is critical?

Yes. The swamp still needs drained. The House Democrats in particular have shown that they are not fit for office. Good people elected them to do their job which is to legislate. Instead they have used government time, energy, and money to undermine and try to destroy a duly elected President. The American people see through all their actions and need to sweep them out of office!

In addition, while President Trump has accomplished much, he still has more to do. One thing is to rebuild the economy from the shutdown. He is already doing that, but he needs more time. Further, he also has more to accomplish both domestically and internationally.

The First Debate is About Taxes. What about them?

I expect to hear the same old Democratic arguments that are always made against Republicans without supporting facts. That is that the tax breaks are just for the rich. Tell that to the mom and pop businesses that were thriving in the Trump economy prior to Covid-19 and are beginning to get going again.

But this is a good time to take a critical look at the plan that Biden/Harris have put out there. We don’t have enough rich people to pay for that! Soak the rich historically hurts the middleclass and the lower-class workers. Why? Because just as profits trickle down the food chain so do taxes. Or the rich close up shop and leave the country which leaves us with fewer high paying jobs. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

Wouldn’t the Government Step In?

Of course, they would. It is what the liberals want. But how many governments have taken over the economy and prospered? Some have experimented and seemed to prosper for a while, but it never lasts. Eventually you run out of rich people’s money.

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