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What About Gov. DeSantis vs. the Big Lie?

The Riddle Report 04 16 2021

There is a narrative out there which I call the Big Lie. The narrative is that Covid-19 can best be controlled by ‘locking down’ the country. It requires businesses to shut down and people to stay in their homes. It further causes Americans to live in fear.

But facts keep popping up and exposing the Big Lie for what it is.

#1 – The Beginning

Back in early 2020 about this time the Big Lie was already getting pushed hard. Dr. Fauci and the CDC pushed it as the right way to fight the virus. President Trump trusted him, as did a host of governors and legislators around the country. But it soon became apparent to the President and to Governor DeSantis that shutting down was not working.

#2 – The Shutdown

President Trump took a cautious approach and encouraged governors to shutdown their states. Governor DeSantis did with an initial 15-day shutdown which was followed by a 30-day shutdown.

Now, looking back, he admits it was a “huge mistake.” In a recent interview with Epoch Times, he talked at length about that and his actions since then.

#3 – Phased Reopening

Both President Trump and Governor DeSantis of Florida began pushing for the reopening of our states. Governor DeSantis was widely criticized by the media, the medical establishment, and by fellow Floridians.

Perhaps you remember, I know I do, the numerous Letters to the Editor that lambasted the Governor. It was vicious and coming from the Left.

But the Governor stood his ground, and we can be thankful that he did. While the liberals preached doom and gloom, the gradual reopening of our state not only brought business back, but the doom and gloom never appeared except in the southeast part of Florida where lockdowns remained.

The phased reopening of Florida and 5 other states, along with 8 other states that never shutdown, has proven the wisdom of reopening. Moreover, we have seen over time that the lockdown didn’t and doesn’t work. Blue state after blue state has stuck to the lockdown and their citizens have paid dearly. The State of New York, the poster state of Covid-19, was placed in lockdown by their governor the poster boy of Covid-19 with disastrous results. We all saw the body bags on national television. (A side note is that President Trump sent at least one hospital ship to New York only to see it barely used.)

New York remains the #1 in worst handling, although the media lionized the New York governor.

#4 – Doom and Gloom

Remember I said people were predicting doom and gloom. Governor DeSantis was getting blasted for his decisions. Well, those decisions led to a booming economy here in Florida. Children are back in school and the media still gets excited if one child gets Covid, but that has never become the problem that the teachers union and others said it would become.

You want doom and gloom you will have to visit some of the northern states, such as New York, Michigan, and others.

#5 – DeSantis’ Closing Remarks

If you listen to the media, the pandemic is still raging. Now they are talking about variants. But the truth is that the pandemic is winding down where the lockdowns have been lifted. That is not what the media wants to hear; nor is it what the liberal politicians want to hear.

The CDC appears to be backing away from some of its harshest advice, but it is going about it very slowly. Why? Listen to the Governor.

“But I don’t know that they’re willing to accept that reality. I think they’re going to try to have no cases at all, which would basically mean there would never be a full end to these policies, which is scary.”

And why is that probably true? Because these same people (governors, legislators, media, and some in the medical field, are heavily invested in the narrative they are pushing. Retreating in the face of mounting evidence doesn’t fit their agenda.

Not long ago a supporter of lockdowns cried out, “It’s science, stupid!” But they were wrong. It was and is bad science!

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Now back to the podcast.

#6 – President Biden

There have been disturbing signs that the President’s mental capacity isn’t that great. There have been signs before, during, and after the election. That is scary.

But of even greater concern is that this once sharp politician doesn’t have the mental acumen nor the moral backbone to stand for what he once supported. Now he is pushing an agenda more closely aligned with his Vice President than his own past. Now he is pushing the vaccines.

#7 – Vaccines

President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed brought us the vaccines in record time. And that is fantastic. Not wanting to be outdone and laughed at for taking credit for the vaccines, President Biden is now pushing hard for everyone getting vaccinated. Despite rising occurrences of side effects, some fatal.

There is a time to rush and a time to evaluate. These vaccines need to be tested, analyzed, and tweaked so that these side effects are minimized.

One vaccine is now being “paused” and evaluated around the world. Two others should be watched carefully as well. Personally, I think they will resolve these issues if given time. But I don’t want to get vaccinated by an unproven model.

#8 – My Dad’s Advice

When I was a teenager, my dad gave me advice about buying a car. It went something like this, “Never buy a new model. Wait a couple of years for them to get the problems fixed.” That’s good advice for cars and it is good advice for vaccines. I am not saying wait 2 years, but I am saying let’s slow down and make sure these vaccines not only work but are safe!

#9 – Family Doctors

The medical community is no longer united on this issue. Some are pushing the idea of getting vaccinated, but some are more concerned about their patients than they are any benefits they might receive. Our doctors know our health and are taking a wait and see attitude about the vaccinations. And I am thankful for that. My wife is recovering from Cancer and I am a recovering heart attack patient (2014). Combined with the fact that we are both Type “O”, believed to be naturally resistant to the virus, we are advised not to get vaccinated. But we do practice social distancing and wearing the mask where required.

#10 – Conclusion

History has proven that “lockdowns” don’t work. Instead, they tend to excoriate the problem. Sometimes, plain old common sense is better than the most scientific responses. Science is often wrong; history is replete with erroneous scientific beliefs. And when everyone seems to be on the bandwagon for a supposed cure and won’t allow public dissent, it is a time to back away. My wife and I will be watching and may never get vaccinated. But one thing is for sure, as long as our doctors don’t push it on us, we aren’t volunteering.

I am glad that Florida has a Governor who has backbone. He saw the data and knew what the right thing was to do. And he did it! That same data was available to others and they ignored it or explained it away. And their people suffered for it.

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