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Yielding to God

When you got saved you may have  thought that your greatest battle was over. After all, you finally yielded to the Holy Spirit’s wooing and accepted Christ as your Savior.

But while that is undoubtedly the most important decision you made it is not the last. The next decision was to obey Christ and get baptized in His name. Then later on you may have yielded once again and decided to serve Him.

But what about your daily living. The thing is you listen to great preaching all the time about godly living. You can quote Bible verses that speak on the subject, yet somehow you fail to have the victory. It may come down to simply understanding what ‘yielding’ is all about.

Yielding is more than knowing doctrine.

One of the traps every Christian can fall into is that studying doctrine and memorizing Scripture is the same as yielding. It isn’t. Don’t get me wrong, doing those things are important for a strong spiritual life. But there is a difference between knowing about yielding and actually yielding.

Yielding is more than mental assent.

You’ve read your Bible. You’ve even read Scripture pertaining to your particular need. And you’ve agreed with the Bible about what to do. In fact, you may have begun practicing some or all of the Biblical solutions, yet you still fail.

Yielding is Allowing God to have full Control.

That is harder than it sounds. As humans we all want to do something. We (and that includes you) have a tendency to help God by doing it ourselves. You have the right motive and the right solution, but the wrong method. Yielding to God means coming to that place where you simply trust Him enough to let Him have control.

Control of what?

That really depends on you. What is your area of need. God wants to control your cravings. God wants to control your tongue. God wants to control your temper. God wants to control your thoughts. God wants to control everything about you.

I tend to reduce things to a formula or a simple phrase. In the case of control I use the following: Apply Biblical rules, principles, and guidelines to your area of need and place it in God’s hands.

Perhaps your need is temper. What triggers that temper and how can you avoid the trigger. Asking for God’s help during or after a temper explosion is a little late. So yielding to God in this case might require allowing God to rule and overrule in the area of the triggers.

Perhaps your thought life is a concern. You have an overactive imagination that can get you into trouble. For writers I imagine this can be a major problem. Here again you apply God’s rules. I once heard a preacher say that we need to yield our thoughts or imaginations to the Holy Spirit. And that’s a key point. When you use your imagination, subject it to Biblical control. Invite God into your imagination and allow Him to control it. Find out what His rules of behavior are and apply them directly. And always remember that it must be Him working in you rather than you doing the work.

In fact, that simple rule can be extended to all areas of your life. It’s a little difficult to fail God if you actually have Him involved. It sounds simplistic, but that is often the true solution. We humans tend to complicate things whereas God’s solution is usually simple and powerful.

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